'Workshop on : CBP- Gender Sensitivity'

On 29 September, 2018, the facilitators Ms. Jyoti Kulshrestha, Mr. Yogesh Kumar and Ms. Anupriya from Samsara-The World Academy, attended The Capacity Building Programme for Teachers on Gender Sensitivity. This workshop was organized by CBSE at Dehradun Public School, Govindpuram, Gaziabad.

The speaker Mr Jay Kumar stated that Gender is a social term and Sex is a Biological term but today they have become synonymous.

He stated that this Gender bias exits not only in rural areas but also in urban homes. Unfortunately, the education institutions are also biased towards the girls. They are prejudiced and give them tasks considering their gender.

He insisted that girls should not be segregated in classrooms. For any activity there should be equal number of girls and boys in the group. We need to sensitize both boys and girls to make them equally comfortable in each others presence.

To empower the girls and to help them to come on front foot we need to give them equal opportunities to excel and explore their untapped potential.


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