'Workshop on 'Financial Education'

“Financial Literacy is just as important in life as the other basics”
Samsara -The World Academy organised a workshop for the teachers on 'Financial Education & Awareness Program' on 7th Dec, 2019.The spokesperson Mr. Mandeep Gupta, a certified Resource Person from SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board Of India) conducted the session to equip teachers with skills and knowledge which are essential for inculcating good investment habits. He gave valuable tips to educate the facilitators about the importance of investment with specific goals , factors of successful planning, investment process in Mutual Fund & Equity market, Fixed Deposit etc and their pros and cons.
It was indeed a wonderful experience for all the teachers to be part of such an informative and useful workshop and become a wise investor.Principal Captain Praveen Roy thanked the spokesperson and appreciated the initiative taken by SEBI for educating the common public.


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