Workshop on Experiential Learning & ZIIEI

The facilitators Ms. Shikha Yadav, Ms. Jyoti Yadav, Ms Payal Singh ,Mr. Mithilesh Kr.Choudhary, Ms.Reema Sharma and Ms.Vandana V Kaushish attended a workshop on ‘Experiential learning and  ZIIEI’(Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiative) hosted by Vishwa Bharti Public School under Hubs of Learning in collaboration with Shri Aurobindo Society on Tuesday,14th Jan 2020. The resource person Mr.Pushpendra discussed the strategies and innovative ways of teaching and implement them in classroom. Further, he briefed about the NCF 2005 (National curriculum Framework).The informative and productive workshop helped the teachers to be more creative on using innovative ideas to impart life-long lessons in classroom.


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