Green School Program

Samsara is dedicated to the cause of promoting green and healthy environment. Its students and teachers are constantly involved in using creative and innovative ideas to develop something new and useful. Keeping this aspect in mind, the students are trained to use reusable products and create new things from it. The school has taken an initiative that children will bring steel spoon from home and will not take plastic spoon from the school canteen. Students are appreciated for reducing waste and are encouraged to plant trees . In this direction children have planted herbs in coconut shells. They also made paper bags out of waste paper which can be used for keeping important documents. The school also has one compost pit where entire bio leftover of the school canteen is collected and this compost is used for school garden.
The children of Samsara dutifully turn off the lights and fans when no one is in their classrooms. Every switch board in school premises has the message displayed 'Save Electricity'.
Under the green school program, the students of Samsara are always encouraged to save water and the slogan "save water" is displayed in all washrooms. To promote this practice the students of Samsara made a bottle sprinkler to avoid wastage of water in watering the plants in the gardens.
These are few initiatives taken by Samsara to contribute to the Green World, Green School program.


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