Workshop on "Cancer and it's Preventive Measures"

Samsara-The World Academy values it's staff as one big family and keeps them updated with latest technology and health benefits to look after the well being of every member associated to it.
On Wednesday, 19 September, 2018, a workshop was organised on the topic "Cancer and it's Preventive Measures" for teachers, administrative staff and house keeping employees under the able guidance of Principal Captain Praveen Roy.
The honourable guest speaker for the day was Dr Leena Dadhwal, SM Consultant, Surgical Oncologist from newly opened Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center in Niti Bagh, New Delhi.
An alumnus of Armed Forces Medical College, awarded with the prestigious Sena Medal, Dr Dadhwal has the expertise in surgically managing all types of head and neck cancers, including oral and thyroid cancers, breast, gastrointestinal and gynecological cancers.
She presented her extensive awareness talk on Screening and Early detection of cancer and emphasized that with proper awareness one can accelerate the victory over this dreaded disease. As is widely known "Prevention is better than Cure".
She very nicely summarised the Symptoms of cancer in the word CAUTION :

C hange in bowel and bladder habbit.
A sore that doesn't heal.
U nusual bleeding or discharge.
T hickening or lump in a breast or elsewhere I ndigestion or difficulty swallowing.
O bvious change in a wart or mole.
N agging cough or hoarseness.

Group Captain Anil Pandey presented the vote of thanks on behalf of Samsara family for her informative , educative and enlightening talk.


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