"Workshop on Compassion Towards Animals"

On 23 August, 2018, Samsara The World Academy organised a workshop for class IV to XI. Ms Kaveri Rana Bharadwaj and her team from Sophie Memorial Animals Relief Trust (S.M.A.R.T), an NGO from Greater Noida presented their talk on the topic " Compassion towards Animals".
They gave the short introduction of their Relief Trust which is situated in Omicron 2, Greater Noida. It was established with the aim to provide aid to the injured animals and stray dogs. They shared their helpline number 7942252564 with the students and requested them to use it incase of any emergency service needed for the animals in their close vicinity.
They advised that instead of buying the fancy breed of canine from Pet Shop, one should adopt the dogs from the relief centres like theirs. They emphasized that everyone should be compassionate and caring for these speechless animals and be sensitive towards them.


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