CBSE Workshop on "Art of Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping"

Our Facilitator Ms. Pramila Panda, PGT, Physics, attended an online Capacity Building Programme on “Art of Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping” conducted by CBSE, CoE, on 12th  Nov, 2020.
The resource person was Ms. Sneha Bansal, Principal, Chandigarh College of Education, Mohali.
The resource person described about the art & concept of mind mapping and how it is beneficial for the students as well as for the teachers. She told that mind mapping makes the learning effective and easy for the students and is useful for a wide variety of tasks that can be easily tailored to the user’s needs.She also discussed various science topics which can be presented using mind mapping.

She also mentioned some of the important benefits of using concept maps:
• Help visual learners grasp the material (however all learners benefit from the activity)
• Help students see relationships between ideas, concepts, or authors.
• Utilize the full range of the left and right hemispheres of the brain
• Help memory recall.

The CBP was an informative session that upgraded the knowledge of the educators. Furthermore; the teachers will apply their learning experience during their teaching process which will enhance the learning of the learners too.


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