Workshop on - " Addiction in School Children- New Age Challenge"'

Samsara- The World Academy shoulders the responsibility to enrich and update the facilitators with the various skill enhancing workshop.

One of our facilitator, Ms Ramita Sharma attended a workshop on " Addiction in School Children- New Age Challenge" on 26 September, 2018 held at India International Centre, New Delhi, organised by the National Convention of School Counsellor.

The workshop started with a brief introduction of the resource person Mr. VS Ravindran, Mr. Saraswat and Mr Keshav Singh.

The speakers stated the basic difference between Habit and Addiction. Habit is our comfortable zone whereas Addiction is something which cannot be ever changed until it's treated upon.

They stressed-out that the teachers-educators be vigilant and be aware about any changes in the student. It is Awareness of Sources Addiction in school, which may prevent the addiction in child.

They also elaborated about the psychological behavior pattern of students and factors which effects the students e.g. peer pressure, Internet, Cult social skills etc.

They suggested to conduct Parents workshop with the teachers of the school and make them equally aware about their child's development and enable them to help their child focus towards the main goal of life that will lead to success.

Facilitators of many schools attended the workshop and during the cross-question session they put forward their doubts and queries which were justifiably satisfied. Overall it was a great learning experience.


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