'Working With Learning Disabilities'

"Inclusive education is a dynamic ever-evolving approach that requires ongoing reflection and continuous enhancement. "

Our facilitator MS. Smruti Bhuyan, PGT, Political Science attended an online capacity building programme on 'Working With Learning Disabilities' on 30th,June 2021 conducted by CoE, Chennai.

The objective of the workshop was to explain the concept of inclusive education, to identify various learning disabilities in school children and apply remedial measures.

The resource person Mr. Joji Paul explained the learning disabilities among children like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia,Dyscalculia,Hysorthographia, Dyssmbolia, Dysphasia and Sensory Integration Disorders .
He also suggested some remediation like special individual educational programs, teaching child to make accurate associations between letters and sounds and many more. The workshop proved to be an informative session for all the participants.


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