Helping Chennai...

Calamities spare none when they are in their cruel form. Damage done by flood in Chennai is inexpressible in words. While whole country has stood together in comradeship, Samsarians contributed their own part by providing aid in the form of packed food items, clothes and medicines. Students and teachers showed a grave concern while packing material.
The pain of the flood victims cannot be healed so easily but the efforts made in this direction may console the grieved souls.

“We rise by lifting others”- Robert Ingersoll

Helping Nepal....
Nepal was shaken ruthlessly by the unfortunate earthquake on  25 April 2015 at 11:56 am. These tremors were most disastrous, leaving Nepal into tid bits! Hundreds and thousands of people have become homeless and many children are orphan now. This earthquake left Nepal In tears of hunger and homelessness. Being the race of the same species and the closest neighbour of the affected country ,it is our duty to do our bit towards the inhabitants. Samasara-The world academy was shaken to the core when this news air across the world. In order to help the people in Nepal the school is helping with its volunteer packages of raw food, instant eatable items, slippers, blanket, bedsheets, clothes, etc. All this could have not been possible without the contribution of teachers and students who contributed whatever they could.
Friday Collection
The Student council of Samsara the World School organises a program –“Friday Collection” wherein they motivate the student for charitable act like to contributing small donation every Friday. The collected money will be utilised for organising a meal for the students of the N.G.O. – Apna School – a school for underprivileged children. Students are coming forward willingly and enthusiastically to help as much as they can. Samsara always believes in –“Service to the society” and we nurture this value in the children.


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