Head of Department

Head of Department (English)  

Ms. Jagjeet Kaur

Head of Department (Math)    

Ms. Jyoti Yadav

Head of Department (Economics)

Ms. Divyanshi Mehta

Head of Department (Hindi) 

Ms. Hemlata Singh

Head of Department (History) 

Ms. Renu Wadhwa

Head of Department (Political Science)

Ms. Smruti Bhuyan

Head of Department (Biology)

Ms. Nusrat Fatima

Head of Department (Physical Education)

Mr.  Pradeep Verma

Head of Department (Computer Science)

Ms. Pallavi Rajput

Head of Department (Chemistry)

Ms. Sweta Singh

Head of Department (Music & Dance)

Ms. Neha Arvind

Head of Department (Physics)

Ms. Pramila Panda

Head of Department (Science)

Ms. Nusrat Fatima

Head of Department (Social Studies)

Ms. Smruti Bhuyan


Coordinators and In-Charges

Pre-Primary Academic Coordinator

Ms. Vandana V.Kaushish

Pre-Primary Co-Curricular Coordinator

Ms. Suman Silwal

Primary Academic Coordinator

Ms. Shikha Yadav

Middle School Academic Co-Ordinator

Ms. Shivangi Kapoor

Primary & Middle Co-Curricular Coordinator

Ms. Misha Gurjar

Senior  Academic Co-Ordinator

Ms. Hemlata Singh

Senior Secondary Academic Co-Ordinator

Ms. Jagjeet Kaur

Senior Co-Curricular Coordinator 

Ms. Divyanshi Mehta

Administrative Officer

Gp Capt. Anil Pandey

CBSE Coordinator;s

Mr. Sandeep Saroha and Ms. Rajbeer Kaur

Website In-Charge

Ms. Pallavi Rajput

Write-up In-Charge

Ms. Misha Gurjar

Magazine In-Charges

Ms. Jagjeet Kaur, Ms. Hemlata Singh & Ms. Pallavi Rajput

Social Media In-Charge

Ms. Namrata Gupta

Newsletter In-Charge

Ms. Pallavi Rajput , Ms. Reema Sharma and Ms. Payal Singh

Examination In-Charge

Ms. Nusrat Fatima, Ms. Pramila Panda

Smart-Class In-charge

Ms. Pallavi Rajput

Time-Table In-Charge

Ms. Jyoti Yadav and Ms.Deepika Sharma

National Olympiad In-Charge

Ms. Sweta Singh

Substitution In-Charge

Ms. Deepika Sharma and Ms. Jyoti Yadav

Transport Incharge

Mr. Sachin Sharma

British Council In-Charge's

Ms. Jyoti Batra and Ms.Vandana Kaushish

Green School Programme In-Charge

Ms. Sweta Singh

HWPL and IPYG In-Charge

Ms. Jagjeet Kaur and Ms. Payal Singh

School Enterprise Challenge In-Charge's

Ms. Sharmishtha and Ms. Misha Gurjar

Green School For Girls In-Charge's

Ms. Namrata Gupta and Ms. Shivani Dhingra

Clubs In-Charge

Ms. Vandana V. Kaushish



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