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Session 2017-18
Workshop on Tobacco Control Click Here
Workshop on Energy Conservation Click Here
Workshop on Safe Diwali Click Here
Workshop on Safety and Security Click Here
Workshop :Capacity Building Programme on Mathematics Click Here
Workshop on Life Skills Click Here
Workshop on Teaching Methodologies Click Here
Worksheets for Holidays Homework Click Here
Workshop on Teaching Social Science Click Here
Workshop on Teaching Social Science Click Here
Workshop on Self Defense Click Here
Workshop on Life Skills Click Here
Workshop on Breast and Cervical Cancer Click Here
Workshop on “Study of Law” Click Here
Session 2016-17
Workshop on Ill Effects of Tobacco Click Here
Workshop on Good and Healthy Parenting Click Here
Workshop: Science And Technology For Specially Challenged People Click Here
Workshop on Life skillsClick Here
Workshop - My Fruit FundaClick Here
Workshop on Aggression Management Click Here
Workshop By Ratna SagarClick Here
Workshop for Teachers on "Life Skills"Click Here
Workshop : Air Force Stimulating CareerClick Here
Workshop on "Value Integrated Learning"Click Here
Workshop on Healthy EatingClick Here
Workshop on "Leadership in Class"Click Here
Workshop -Career CounsellingClick Here
Workshop- Faculty Development ProgramClick Here
Worksheet for Holidays Homework (Classes IX to XII) Click Here
Workshop on Environment ConservationClick Here

Workshop by British Council (Click here)
Workshop at O P Jindal Global University, Sonipat (Click here)
Workshop on Career Counselling (Click here)
'Articulate' an Art and Craft Workshop (Click here)
Workshop- 'Introduction to Core Skills' (Click here)
Workshop- Career Counselling by Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD) (Click here)
Workshop- Effective Communication And Interpersonal Skills (Click here)
TOGETHER- A Workshop For Principals By CBSE (Click here)
Workshop on "Special Education Needs" (Click here)
Workshop on Book Reading (Click here)
Workshop: Art of Teaching Science (Click here)
Workshop for Girl Students on "Girls Empowerment" (Click here)
Workshop: Art of Teaching Science (Click here)
Workshop for Teachers on Life Skills (Click here)
Workshop-Motivation- The Inspirational Force (Click here)
Workshop: Self Defense and Martial Arts (Click here)
Workshop: Self observation is the first step of inner unfolding (Click here)
Workshop: Vipassana- A Way to Spirituality (Click here)
Workshop: Masti Ki Pathshala (Click here)
CBSE Workshop on Vocational Skills
On 16th July 2015, C.B.S.E conducted a workshop at Bal Bhart School in Delhi. C.B.S.E is offering various skills based vocational courses under NSQF at secondary and higher secondary level in time with directions from the Ministry of Human Resources Development. Samsara-The World Academy toils and plods each day to brighten the lives of children. Two teachers- Ms. Vinita Arora and Ms. Jagjeet Kaur were singled out to be part of this workshop. This workshop acquainted the teachers and Principals with the features of this course. C.B.S.E has provided a platform for the skill based education.
Samsara- The World Academy has planned to lay down this training programme for the forthcoming session. The primary objective of the course is to develop practical employment skills.
The Director of C.B.S.E Mr.M.V.V. Prasada Rao summarized the workshop, stressing the fact that how our education system is a mismatch for the present industries' demand. He also focussed on the discrepancies between what we impart to students and what we expect from them while employing them.
Thomas Aquinas has aptly said " The test of the artist does not lie in the will with which he goes to work, but in the excellence of the work he produces".
Workshop on Adolescence Management

Samsara-The world Academy leaves no stone unturned to develop its students mentally and physically. Contemporarily the foremost challenging task is to understand a child. Consequently the child proves utter failure in his life. Considering this, a workshop related to adolescent age was conducted on 21st April 2015. The resource person Dr. Lalit and his colleague Ms. Naina, Psychologist, acknowledged children with the problems connected with this age. Furthermore they detailed the solutions, measures and remedies which can be of great help to tem in understanding themselves. They stressed on the flow and pattern of thoughts and how we can modulate them to be a successful person.
In the conclusive hart Ms. Naina very well defined the role of situations and peers in shaping the personality of a student. Mr. Lalit added how to reconcile with such challenging and confronting situations without disfiguration of our personality and character.

WORKSHOP- Financial Management (Click Here)
WORKSHOP- Sahaj Yoga (Click Here)
WORKSHOP- Behavior Management Policy (Click Here)
WORKSHOP - Felicitation Ceremony by ACERT Department
An event was organised on 06th 2014, at Amity International School, Pushp Vihar to Felicitate their students. A street play was also staged by teachers of ACERT which focussed on development different intelligence in school children. The representatives of Samsara – The World Academy attended the event were Smita Kumari, Renu Saini, Nusrat Fatima. The teachers were awarded certificates for the workshop attended by them on "Innovative Teaching Methodolgies".
Samsara- The World Academy, Greater Noida organized a workshop on "Active Learning Strategies for Social Science Teaching" for educators/teachers.The Resource person was Ms. Nidhi from Ratna Sagar Publishing  House. Approximately 25 participants including teachers, librarians and administrator from different schools of NCR attended the workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to make social science lesson more engaging for learners by integrating teaching learning strategies that make the subject alive. The workshop was very compact and thorough on strategies that teachers can use to help their students think more actively/productivity in class. This was really something we, Samsarians are trying to focus on in our school and it would reinforce what we are already trying to do within our teaching learning process.
The teachers from the Math department attended a workshop on "Active strategies in Mathematics" conducted by "Ratna Sagar" at Jaypee Public School Greater Noida. The Resource person was Ms. Reema Mithwani. Different skills, strategies and techniques on the four operations were discussed. They taught
simple and different strategies to work out Multiplication tables and math operations. It was an interesting, fun-filled and motivating workshop.
A seminar on Effective English teaching was conducted by Ratna Sagar 0n 15th November 2014, held at MAF Academy Noida. It was attended by Ms. Misha Gurjar, Ms. Shweta Mukherjee, Ms. Pinki Yadav and Ms. Suman Silval. The Resource Person was Me. James Sundaraja who is the head of English Department at Loyola College Chennai.
Mr. Sundaraja  edified the fact that learning is not tiresome or tedious. It is the technique which a facilitator embraces that makes learning comfortable and prosperous.
He also introduced few Methods through which we can teach certain grammatical concepts like degree of comparison, articles etc.
The seminar was interesting and encouraging to improve our teaching skills.
Samsara – The World Academy organised a workshop for the teachers on Saturday, 1st November, 2014 .The workshop was conducted with the aim of getting the teachers equipped with the knowledge and use of smart classes. It was conducted by Mr. Ambrish Agarwal from Pearson.
A workshop on Capacity Building programme on Pedagogy strategies was conducted by Quality Education Asia on 31October, 2014 held at DPS Noida(Sec- 132) . It was attended by Ms. Neelima Tyagi of our school. The seminar focused on interdisciplinary approach and to build a lesson plan keeping in mind the need of all the students present in the class. They also focused on the fact that lesson plans should be activity based to inculcate better and effective understanding. The workshop was very interesting and a great learning experience.
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