December 2018
Skating down the Road of Success
Plantation Drive By Samsarians
November 2018
Capacity Building Programme on Remodelled Assessment
Stress Buster -Movie Show
Victorious Samsarians at DLF World School
'Educational School Trip to Delhi'
Circular for Students (22 Nov 2018)
Shower of Gold in 4th UP State Roller Skate Championship
Workshop on Life Skills
Datesheet: Pre-Boards 2018-19 (X and XII)
Samsara Shines At Somerville
Workshop on Road Safety
Special Assembly on Diwali
Nimble Feet - Harshita Bana
Samsarians Spread Love And Happiness Through SEWA (Social Empowerment Through Work and Action)
Thursday Activity - Diya Decoration
October 2018
Syllabus: Periodic Test-3 IX 2018-19
Syllabus: Cycle Test-3 XI(A,B,C) 2018-19
Special Assembly on Unity Day
Budding Shuttler - Hits the Shot
Syllabus: Periodic Test-2 (VI-VIII) 2018-19
Syllabus: Periodic Test-2 (I-V) 2018-19
Periodic Test 2/3 & Cycle Test-3 2018-19 (VI-XII)
Datesheet: Periodic Test-2 2018-19 (I-V)
Ceremonial Day for Shining Samsarians
Skating Star: Rudra Pratap Singh
Inter House Activity - Rangoli Competition
Inter House Activity - Maths Quiz (III to V)
Inter House Activity - Sudoku
Thursday Activity - Hindi Poem Recitation
Badminton Champion of Samsara
Special Assembly Durga Puja
Workshop on Career Guidance
Skating Stars of Samsara
Thursday Activity- Fun with Maths
Workshop on “CBP- Gender Sensitivity“
Workshop on “CBP- Political Science“
September 2018
Workshop on “CBP- Role Of Evaluators“
Workshop on “Addiction in School Children- New Age Challenge“
Workshop on “Business Studies“
Workshop on “School Leadership“
Workshop on “Cancer and it's Preventive Measures"
Circular for Students (14 Sep 2018)
Special Assembly: Ganesha Chaturthi
Circular for Students (10 Sep 2018)
Janamashthmi Celebrations
August 2018
Samsarians Rise To The Call Of Flood Victims Of KERALA
Workshop - Capacity Building Program on Economics
Green School Program - " Say No To Plastic"
Inter-House Elocution Contest - 'What Independence Means To Me'
Workshop on Compassion Towards Animals
Half Yearly Exam (2018-19)- Date-sheet and Syllabus (I-XII)
Thursday Activity : Sinking and Floating
Thursday Activity- Clay Moulding
Independence Day Celebration and Scholar's Day Ceremony
Thursday Activity: Flag Making
Green School Programme -Recycling Of Plastic
Mid Term Co-Scholastic Date-sheet 2018-19 (VI-XII)
Mid Term Co-Scholastic Date-sheet 2018-19 (I-V)
Circular for Students (10 Aug 2018)
Orientation Program For Parents
Circular on Safety and Security
Circular for Students (03 Aug 2018)
Special Assembly On Rakhsha Bandan
July 2018
Thursday Activity: Boat Making
CBSE-Capacity Building Workshop (English -Grade XII )
GS4G Club
Workshop On Respect
Inter-House Activity ( III to XI)
Thursday Activity: Gift Wrapping
Fire Drill at Samsara
Circular for Students (20 July 2018)
IH Activity- Science Puzzle
Thursday Activity: Kitchen Activity- Preparing Lemonade
Inter-House Activity- Science Quiz
Say no to Plastic
Tribute to The Global Hero- NELSON MANDELA
GS4G Club: Second Module
Circular for Students (13 July 2018)
Investiture Ceremony 2018
Special Assembly- French National Day
Circular for Students (06 July 2018)
IH Activity- Salad Making
Thursday Activity- Table Etiquettes
Thursday Activity- Speak Up
Periodic/ Cycle Test-II 2018-19 (IX-XII)
Syllabus: Periodic Test -1 2018-19 (I-V)
Syllabus: Periodic Test -1 2018-19 (VI-VIII)
Date Sheet:Periodic Test-I 2018-19 (I-VIII)
Date-Sheet: Periodic /Cycle Test-II 2018-19 (IX to XII)
June 2018
Celebrating International Yoga Day
Budding Badminton Star of Samsara
May 2018
"THE SHOWCASE": Summer Camp Finale -2018
Holidays Homework (IX-XII)
Holidays Homework (VI-VIII)
Workshop on "Say No to Tobacco"
Inter House Activity :Sanskrit Shloka Uchharan
Circular for Students (18 May 2018)
Student Council Elections- Voting Campaign
Samsarians - Out for the Social Cause
Student Council Elections- Manifesto Reading
Annual Exhibition-"Pratibha": 2018-19
Summer Holidays Homework (Nur - V)
Syllabus Periodic Test-1 and Cycle Test-1 2018-19 (IX-XII)
ICSO-Gold Medalist-Akash Chandela
Circular for Students (04 May 2018)
April 2018
Career Counselling Workshop
Special Assembly on "Labour Day"
Special Assembly on "Road Safety"
Aptitude Test By DNA -Zee News
Inter-House Activity: Group Discussion on Fundamentals Rights
Circular for Students (27 Apr 2018)
Date Sheet: Periodic/ Cycle Test-1 (IX to XII) 2018-19
Inter-House Activity- Computer Quiz
Circular for Students (20 Apr 2018)
Inter-House Activity: Computer Crossword
Special Assembly on Baisakhi
Cricket Star-Aman Bhati
Samsara Shines in Olympiad
Circular for Students (06 Apr 2018)
Thursday Activity: Nature Walk