October 2017
Thursday Activity: Diya Decoration
Circular for Students (06 Oct 2017)
Thursday Activity: Gift Wrapping
September 2017
Circular for Students (27 Sep 2017)
Workshop On First Aid
Workshop On Safety and Security
Circular for Students (21 Sep 2017)
Safety Workshop For Maintenance Staff
Samsara Shines in South Korea: HWPL WARP Summit-2017
Safety and Security Workshop By District Administration
Circular for Students (15 Sep 2017)
Celebrating Hindi Divas
Circular for Students (14 Sep 2017)
Awards and Honour
ISA Activity: Eid Celebrations
GS4G: First Module
Thursday Activity: Boat Making
Teachers' Day 2017 Celebrations in Samsara
Gambol 2017: Inter-School Competition
August 2017
Thursday Activity: Garland Making
ISA Mid Year Review Meeting
Samsarians Won Laurels
IH Activity: Poster Making- Peace And Harmony
Workshop on Gender Senstivity
Mid-Term Theory Exam (2017-18) Date-Sheet- (I to XII)
Circular for Students (25 Aug 2017)
GS4G Club Activity
Thursday Activity: Clay Moulding
ISA and IH Activity: Shlok Vachan and Just A Minute
Circular for Students (18 Aug 2017)
Thursday Activity: Matki Decoration
"Ralley For Rivers" - Water Conservation
Independence Day Celebrations in Samsara
IH Activity- Making Wall Hanging
Janamashtmi Celebrations - Pre-Primary
Circular for Students (11 Aug 2017)
Flag Making Activity
Janmashtmi Celebration
Practical Date-sheet (Half Yearly Examination): I to XII
Workshop on Economics Pedagogy
GS4G Club- 8th Session
Circular for Students (05 Aug 2017)
IH Activity: Rakhi Making
Thursday Activity: Rakhi Making
July 2017
Olympic Champions
GS4G Programme
Workshop By Career Launcher
IH Activity: Flash Card Making
Circular for Students (28 July 2017)
Investiture Ceremony- 2017
Thursday Activity: English Poem Recitation
Thursday Activity: Listen and Draw
Circular for Students (20 July 2017)
The School Council Election (2017-18)
ISA Activity: Special Assembly on "The French Day"
Thursday Activity: Means of Transport
IH Activity: Quiz on Nobel Laureates
IH Activity: Nature Walk
Circular for Students (07 July 2017)
Green School Program : Planting Trees
Thursday (ISA) Activity: International Flower Show and Tell
Workshop on Life Skills
June 2017
Skating Champions in Samsara
Samsarians Celebrated International Yoga Day
Syllabus Periodic Test-1
May 2017
Cervical Cancer Vaccination
Summer Camp- Valedictory Function
Workshop on Teaching Methodologies
Department Workshop- Science
Worksheets for Holidays Homework
Self Defense Workshop For Teachers
Circular for Students (26 May 2017)
Department Meeting in Samsara : (Hindi and Social Study)
Workshop on Teaching Social Science
GS4G :- One Step Ahead
Holiday Homework Classes (9-12)
Holiday Homework Classes (6-8)
Holiday Homework Classes (1-5)
Circular for Students (20 May 2017)
Peace Workshop For Juniors
Fourth Session of GS4G
Holiday Homework Classes (1-5)
Annual Exhibition - "Pied Piper Through the Ages"
Workshop on Self Defense
Summer Camp Pamphlet
Cricket Champions in Samsar
Circular for Students (3rd and 4th May 2017)
April 2017
Workshop on Solar Energy
Inter-House Activity - Extempore
Interaction With Live Magazine
Workshop on Life Skills
Farewell to class XII
Workshop on Breast and Cervical Cancer
Circular for Students (21-04-2017)
IH Activity- PPt on 3D Technology
HWPL:- Peace Seminar
Thursday Activity: Kitchen Activity
GS4G : A Step Ahead
Workshop on “Study of Law”
Samsara Won Laurels in Karate Championship
Special Assembly- Empathy
Skating Star of Samsara
Cycle Test -1 Classes XI and XII (2017-18)
Disaster Management Training to Samsarians
GS4G- Stimulating Human Nature Relationship
IH-Activity - Essay Writing: "The Women Who Impressed Me The Most"
IH-Activity- PPt Making: Environment Pollution
Olympiad Winners
Special Assembly on Discipline
Circular for Students (07-04-2017)
Thursday and ISA Activity- Nature Walk