Exam Schedule /  Portion 2018-19
Periodic Test 2/3 & Cycle Test-3 2018-19 (VI-XII)
Datesheet: Periodic Test-2 2018-19 (I-V)
Date Sheet:Periodic Test-I 2018-19 (I-VIII)
Date-Sheet: Periodic /Cycle Test-II 2018-19 (IX to XII)
Date Sheet: Periodic/ Cycle Test-1 (IX to XII) 2018-19
Exam Syllabus
Annual Exam Syllabus 2018-19 (VI-VIII)
Class-6 Annual Exam Syllabus
Class-7 Annual Exam Syllabus
Class-8 Annual Exam Syllabus
Syllabus Periodic Test-2 
Syllabus: Cycle Test-3 XI (A,B,C) 2018-19
Syllabus: Periodic Test-3 IX 2018-19
Syllabus: Periodic Test-2 (VI-VIII) 2018-19
Syllabus: Periodic Test-2 (I-V) 2018-19
Syllabus Periodic Test-1 
Syllabus Periodic Test-1 
Periodic/ Cycle Test-II 2018-19 (IX-XII)


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