CBSE has decided, to make the examinations more “student-centric, transparent, technology-driven, and advance provision of alternatives for different future scenarios", Keeping this thought in mind, our school  Samsara The World Academy's exam structure is purely based on the CBSE Exam pattern.

 The exam will be conducted in two facets of  Term 1 & Term 2
-Term 1 will be held in the months of November-December while Term 2 will be conducted in the months of March-April.

-Each of the exams will be held on 50 per cent of the Syllabus.

-The pattern of the Term-I and Term-II exams will also be different. Students will be assessed based on their conceptual clarity, analytical skills, as well as knowledge of real-life situations.

The Term 1 exam will have multiple choice questions including case-based MCQs and assertion-reasoning type MCQs and will be held for 90 minutes.

The TERM II will have questions in different formats including case-based, situation-based, open-ended questions as well as both short and long answer type questions. This paper will be conducted for two hours.

Apart from both Term-I and Term-II scores, the internal assessment marks will also be counted for calculating the final score of students. Collection of data based on the performance of students in class and internals will begin with the start of the new academic session.

As part of internals three periodic tests, student enrichment, portfolio, practical work, speaking- listening activities, and projects will be conducted for all the students.



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