Montessori Lab
Montessori education approach is developed by the Italian physician and educator Ms. Maria Montessori and characterized by an emphasis on Independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child's natural psychological, physical and social development. The Montessori lab at Samsara is based on Montessori education system for the Pre-primary and primary level. Children develop their ability to write, read and perform the basic arithmetic operations with the help of tools and learning materials available in the Montessori lab. Children are allowed to make creative choice in their learning, while the facilitator offers the age-appropriate activities to guide the process. Activities like thread beading, beads, puzzles enhances the fine motor skills. The sensory material like sound box, tasting and touch boards are for sensory development. Number Rods, brown stairs and spindle boxes helps in building arithmetic understanding in the young children. The Montessori methods also involves the Practical life activities such as pouring, carrying or holding objects buttoning etc. whilst helping the child's independence by acquiring a particular skill.
The main purpose of these activities is to help the child develop his/her ability to concentrate and coordinate his/her movements.



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