Clubs Activities


The various activities done in the clubs on 1st Nov 2014 were :-

1. Art and Craft Club : The students learned "Wash Techniques" using water colour and mounting the painting with mount paper.

2. Cookery Club :
The students learned to prepare delicious Caramel Pancakes using refined flour, eggs and sugar. They also learned to prepare orange flavoured Caramel Sauce.

3. English Literary Club :
The students of English Club enthusiastically participated in the activity of "Expressing Emotions". They expressed many monosyllabic words with different emotions such as sadness, excitement, surprise, hesitation, absurdity etc. They were given the Home Assignment to learn dialogues for a play "The Dear Departed".

4. IT Club :
The students designed greeting card using MS-Word, generated Mark sheet using MS-Excel and used hyperlink on web pages.

5. Science Club :
The students prepared the model of solar cooker . They painted the outer surface of a box with black paint and covered the inner surface with aluminium foil.

6. Math Club :
Children did many fun filled activities using Math lab kits. With the help of Ganit Mala, they explored the concept of integers i.e. positive and negative integers, their addition and subtraction etc. Moreover they played fraction game using fraction kit.

7. Music Club :
The students learned National Anthem tune on the synthesizer and 4 beats on the drums.

8. Dance Club :
The students learned Kathak Dance. They learned 'TATKAR' and 'TORA' with different mudras, they also practised practical foot work.


English Club :
Organizes events to enable the students to speak English and improve conversational ability in daily life.  . For this, we create an apt atmosphere by organizing events and competitions like poetry recitation, story narration, JAM, elocution, debate, guest lectures etc.
Hindi Club :
Hindi Club : Objectives of the Club is to Create awareness about Hindi Language in Campus as well in surrounding areas. The club  actively and regularly organizes the literary and cultural activities and competitions in school.
Art & Craft Club :
The club can boast of various art activities like drawing, painting, origami, wealth from waste etc. We invited Mrs. Geeta Ramashesh, Amrita Shergill awardee as our guest lecturer. She spoke to the children on "Fine Arts". We also had amongst us Mrs Vasudha Mehata who works closely with the Japan Embassy. She taught children the art of folding paper.
Music & Dance:
The children get ample opportunity to perform. The club is very active and has presented dance and songs in various celebrations like Independence Day, Janmashtame, Teachers' Day etc.


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