Every child deserves a good education - an education that equips children with the requisite skills for a healthy life and prepares them thoroughly for future challenges. We, at Samsara are aware that the world is becoming more competitive, while continuously shrinking with the emergence of newer technologies.Therefore, our children need to be confident, intelligent young adults who can effectively cope and engage with everyday situations.   Principal
Keeping this in mind, Samsara's idea of a contemporary, futuristic education prepares our children to be smart adaptable individuals, who can sync themselves with ever changing needs, yet retain their individuality in the face of any obstacle that life may bring them We believe every child is unique and learns and grows differently. Therefore, our team of caring committed teachers pay personalized attention to every child. Their teaching and learning processes provide the child with basic knowledge and skills, while simultaneously creating plenty opportunities to apply that knowledge in practical, meaningful contexts within and outside the classroom.Samsara and its team strive to achieve unparalleled excellence in every endeavor undertaken, be it the curriculum, co-curricular activities, teacher training programmes or infrastructure.  This is just the beginning of a long and fulfilling voyage, and I invite you to come and be a part of this journey of hope and commitment called Samsara.
Capt. Praveen Roy


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