Samsara-The World Academy has a history linked to 6 successfully running senior schools at Meerut, called Meerut Public School. Meerut Public School began in 1982, and has established the vision of value based education and embodies a philosophy that encourages children to be independent and socially responsible. In the 27 years since the MPS Group of Institutions' inception, its alumni has brought accolades for their alma mater and carved a niche in reputed universities and management institutes like the IIMs, IITs and NID. They have distinguished themselves in corporate and civil sectors, medical sciences, the arts and in the armed forces. Samsara envisions an environment that facilitates growth and development for children, parents and all other members of the school's community. Our commitment is to lay the foundations for a new progressive approach to education. We promise a space where children can learn to engage with the very core issues of life. A platform that imbibes in them an intrinsic sensitivity towards all aspects of their environment - physical, psychic, spiritual, cognitive and sociological. In doing so, we hope to create a novel educational system that's compassionate in spirit, body and mind, and provides children with an experiential learning compass to daily life.


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